OWON VDS2064 4CH 60MHz 1GSa/s 40V (PK - PK) PC Oscilloscope

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OWON VDS2064 4 Channel 40V (PK - PK) 60MHz 1GSa/s Series PC Oscilloscope

Owon VDS2062 60MHz  2-channel USB oscilloscope is a oscilloscope for use with a computer. The VDS oscilloscopes are powered by USB and have a small size, making it easy to take them with you. The VDS oscilloscopes are very economical. The  VDS Series have a shielded USB connection, reducing interference and protecting the computer against over-voltage. The multi port on the scope can be used for external triggering, trigger out or Pass / Fail output.

Ultra-thin body design, easy portability

1. RS232 port (optional)

2. USB port : power supplying via USB bus, communicating with PC

3. LAN port (optional) : remote control

4. Channel 1 signal input

5. Channel 2 signal input

6. Channel 3 signal input

7. Channel 4 signal input

8 .EXT trigger input, trigger output, or Pass/Fail output

Note : When communicating with PC via LAN, the oscilloscope should be powered by adapter.

OWON VDS2064 Specifications:

  • 60MHz bandwidth, and max 1GS/s real-time sample rate
  • 10M record length
  • Friendly UI : FFT, or X-Y, and waveform 2 views displayed on the same screen
  • Multi-trigger option : edge, video, slope, pulse, and alternate
  • USB isolation - less signal inference, more PC protection
  • USB bus powering, and LAN remote control (optional)
  • Ultra-thin body design, easy portability

Record length up to 10M

Model VDS2064
Bandwidth 60MHZ
Channel 4+1 (multi)
Sample Rate 1GSa/s
Horizontal Scale (s/div) 2ns/div~100s/div, step by 1~2~5
Record Length 5M
Max Input Voltage 40V (PK - PK) (DC+AC, PK - PK)
Vertical Resolution (A/D) 8 bits (2 channels simultaneously)
Vertical Sensitivity 2mV/div~5V/div
Trigger Type Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, and Alternate
Trigger Mode Auto, Normal, and Single
Acquisition Mode Sample, Peak Detect, and Average
Waveform Math  +, -, ×, ÷, invert, FFT
Communication Interface USB 2.0, LAN (optional)
Multi-function Interface - Signal Type synchronized input / output, Pass / Fail , external trigger input
Level Standard TTL
Power Supply 5.0V/1A
Power Consumption ≤6.5W
Dimensions (W × H × D) 190 × 120 × 18 (mm)
Device Weight 0.26 kg

Accessoires Included:

1 x VDS2064
1 x CD ROM
1 x Quick Start Guide
2 x Oscilloscope probe
1 x Probe tool
1 x Soft carry bag
1 x Power adapter
1 x USB Cable
1 x Silicone Case protectors
1 x Power cable


OWON VDS1022I Spec Sheet
PDF – 2,5 MB 592 downloads
VDS1022 / 1022I User Manual
Archive – 3,1 MB 564 downloads
VDS Series SCPI Protocol
Archive – 720,3 KB 569 downloads
Archive – 4,8 MB 607 downloads